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On the 30th of Nov, the Chikanbarn team visited Jaliamau village a few k.m. from Kakori in UP, for a health camp organized in partnership with SevaMob Ventures. About 25 chikan workers and their children were provided medical and dental health checks and were also introduced to low cost health insurance and medical benefit packages. Chikanbarn committed to sponsor the premium for a year, for the neediest artisans, to help them experience Sevamob’s unique doorstep service and understand and share the benefits in their community.

The partnership offers a great opportunity to make a difference to the lives of the largest and the neediest cluster of women artisans in the world. With most Chikankari workers being freelancers, it is difficult to cover them under any existing corporate or individual plans. Now, with this partnership, we can make a start.

As part of this association, Sevamob would provide 4 on-premise health camps for delivering preventive and DSC_4458primary care and medicines for common ailments free of charge. For more advanced issues, these workers will be entitled to 24×7 call center and no-charge back-office appointments with a gamut of specialists. 1 Lakh worth of Accident Insurance is also offered for a year under this package.

What we did find, through the observations made by SevaMob’s dedicated and socially motivated team of doctors, were common ailments due the occupational risks associated with the craft; poor eyesight, in some cases, total loss of vision in one or both eyes, joint pain, especially in the knees, hypertension, anemia and malnutrition. Another major problem area was dental conditions, resulting from poor oral hygiene and regular use of tobacco dust in the form of a locally produced tooth powder. The tobacco in the powder acts as a sedative, relieving pain in the gums, which means that most people use it after every few hours. Most of the women there were not aware of the extreme side effects of this, including rotten teeth, addiction to the tobacco and in severe cases, oral cancer.

DSC_4468Chikanbarn took this small step as part of the first initiative carried out under the aegis of our charitable and not for profit Chikanbarn Artisans Trust. This was small start from our end, however we are hopeful and excited that with 2% of our sales revenue committed towards the artisans cause we can make a sustainable difference and also influence some of our suppliers and partners to join this endeavor …

Team Chikanbarn

banner was started primarily as a For-Profit venture with a social objective. We were very sure about where we wanted to go…. promoting the chikan industry on the global market and having a common platform for wholesalers and manufacturers, but what we wanted the most and what we have been working steadily towards is the cause of the artisans.

To this end we announce the launch of the Chikanbarn Artisans Trust, a charitable, non- profit organization with a view to improving the socio-economic conditions of the artisans. It is our endeavor to connect and work in partnership with like minded people and organizations who want to contribute back in their own unique way but find only limited credible avenues for the same.

Hopefully, in our own small way, we can contribute towards the development and upliftment of this very special and talented group of people, so that this art thrives and prospers and continues to be a source of livelihood for ages to come ….