Chikankari for Kids

There are not many styles and trends in fashion that stand out and beat the passage of time. Popularity of different designs or styles changes from one period to another. The ones prevailing today will be upgraded and donned in a different manner tomorrow. Every generation adopts its own fashion in terms of clothing that is related somewhat to the trends of the earlier generation. Every occasion requires us to pursue the societal norms of trends and fashion. However, there is one fashion trend that is above all the societal whose-who and the trend setting that is always dynamic. It is Chikankari, the Indian art of embroidery.

This artistry originated as a court art during the Mughal period in the city of Lucknow but even after centuries Chikankari work remains a casual fashion trend as well donned as an ethnic wear by men women and kids alike. Not only in India but across the globe in several countries and in international fashion events, this stunning art of hand embroidery has shown its might.  Indian Ethnic wear can surely be called incomplete without this masterpiece of hand embroidery. The embroidery in coloured threads that are contrasting or that bring out the richness of the base colour of the garment always make heads turn. The different life like patterns and designs and the intricate details the artists capture in their work is just amazing.  Today even kids see this as a great art and acknowledge not only the creative aspect of it in formal, ethnic wear but also fashionable attire that can be wore to dress up casually. Chikan embroidery finds much likability among kids these days than ever before. Be it ethnic wear for boys or ethnic wear for girls, kids kurta pyjama embroidered in Lucknow Chikan always imparts a smart sensibility of fashion. For girls and boys alike, there is such a wide range of collections of Chikan embroidery that are meant for every age group. A kurta for boys or a kurta for girls it gives a very nice outlook when worn over jeans as a short top in place of a T-shirt. What really steals the show is a boy’s kurta pyjama donned on special occasions and ceremonies.

Embroidered frocks for girls have the same charm as any other trending fashion apparel. The girls love to wear it and it makes them stand out from the rest of the crowd. Chikan work amazed the royal families of Lucknow and it still mesmerises the people with its exquisite beauty and the sheer elegance. The resolute magnanimity that formal Chikan garments have and that they impart to the one wearing them is unparalleled and unbeatable. The gaudy patchwork for kids and the enriched work of sequins and threads make this art of hand embroidery the most wonderful attire to be worn. The best part about Chikan work for kids is that it not only gives a contemporary feel but it can also act as an antiquity, something that reflects the aura of the glorious and royal past.

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