Lucknow Chikan for Men

Chikankari is a very old artistry that originated in the city of Lucknow and belongs to the period of Mughal rule in India. It started off as a court art donned by the royal family and the noble folk but later evolved as a masterpiece for the masses also. There are not many designs in fashion that have stood apart from the tides of time and among the very few entities, Chikan embroidery has its own charm. Traditionally, this embroidery is found in ethnic wear for men and women however, a more casual approach is common nowadays among the youth who wear lightly embroidered apparel over jeans and shorts.

In the beginning, Chikan garments were only white in colour however later as the demand grew and the people demanded more variety, the use of coloured cloth started. Today one can easily find Men’s kurta pajama, or men’s Chikan kurta in various colours and life like designs in the stores. Chikan garments are generally expensive than other forms of embroidery as it is made completely out of hand stitching. It can take almost 15 days for an artist to complete one piece of embroidery work if it is very elaborate. However, the hard work pays off at the end when the work is appreciated by not only local customers but people from around the world. The intricate needle work and the details that the artisans bring on a single piece of cloth is marvellous on its own. Unstitched Chikan kurta is also quite popular among the Indian men. It not only gives them freedom to get their own kurta stitched as they like but it also serves as a wonderful gift item for men, women or kids. As a casual fashion wear, men’s short kurta are very popular. These can be accompanied with a nice pair of jeans, shorts or even trousers to give the perfect casual look. When going out with friends or just to the market, Chikan kurtas are a very good alternative to t-shirts for men.

Chikan embroidery for men is not limited to just kurtas. It is also found on hand embroidery shirts as well. These shirts are worn by men in parties and occasions that make them stand out from the rest of the crowd. The kind of smartness and the magnanimity offered by these shirts is unparalleled. When it comes to traditional ceremonies and parties, a Chikan kurta and sherwani donned over an Indian pajama is the best traditional dress for men till now. The men’s chikan kurtas accompanied over men’s churidar in various hues will definitely make you a show stopper at the event. In any fashion connoisseur’s wardrobe, a Chikan kurta pajama is a regal treasure. Chikankari garments never go out of fashion and this is the best feature of this art. The centuries old tradition practiced even today is a living proof of this. Only a few minor changes in the methods of making a Chikan garment might have come in this art otherwise, it still remains a casual fashion and ethnic wear for men as it was centuries ago.

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