Chikan Gift Ideas

Chikan is one of the most popular and sought after embroidery works to have comeari. Every  out of India. Chikankari, the form of embroidery, done in Lucknow, derives from the word ‘Chakeen’ in Persian language that means subtle motifs on fabric. The thread used to embroider on the cloth is white cotton thread. It is also said that ‘Chikan’ could have meant ‘fine’ in East Bengal, which is where is could have originated. Whatever its origin, Chikankari embroidered clothes look really pristine and could be very good gift ideas for your loved ones. Chikan Kurtis or Lucknow Kurtas come in various sizes. Their length varies from short to long to medium and have different kinds of neck designs. They can be worn with traditional salwars, choodidars or fashionable leggings, or even with a pair of jeans. Men’s Kurta pyjamas are an intrinsic part of Indian traditional wear known for it’s ethnic look and also comfort. Chikan kurta pyjamas never go out of fashion. Whether wedding, or a party, one can always rely on their favourite pairs. It can easily switch from being on of the most formal attire to casual. Just wear it on a pair of denim and change the look. Chikan hand embroidered shirts are ‘chic’, that’s exactly the word for them. They do make a statement wherever they go. Motifs are on along the buttons, at the back or even on the shoulders. They are done on a light fabric and can be great on a summer outdoorsy occasion. Chikan Salwar suits for an Indian woman will never go out of fashion and more so if it is in Chikanwoman will have one in her wardrobe if she cares for style in ethnic wear. They come in all kinds and all ranges- from one motif to another, different in neck designs and cut work. They are a favourite among women on traditional occasions. Not only can you adorn yourself in Chikan, but also your home. Chikankari home furnishings are apt if you wish to give an ethnic feel and touch to your home. Splash you bedroom or the Divan set in your drawing room with hand embroidered bed-sheets. Crafted by creative and talented designers/embroidery workers, embroidered table linens are fine pieces for your table can make a really good impression on your guest. These table linens come in various colours and they have a very good range in terms of motifs, colours and designs.


All things Chikan gives a rich look and has always been in fashion. Other trends have come and gone, but Chikankari has stayed and will, forever. Chikan is appreciated by younger generation and older alike. Chikan did not have to reinvent itself with time, but time had to stay with Chikankari. This fine craft of Chikankari embroidery attracts many to the alleys of Lucknow, from world over. Chikan works are also heavily exported from India to other nations. Chikan is one of the foremost things that carry a mark of being Indian. These gift ideas above are great way to tell that you care while making a statement

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