Chikankari HomeDecorIndian embroidery industry has been one of the favourites world-over, especially among the western nations who admire the South Asian and Middle Eastern embroidery. India’s richness in this craft is as ancient as its civilization. With various influences over the centuries, in form of invaders, traders or travellers, India has been home to many cultures and their crafts. Indian embroidery is as diversified as the country itself. This versatile craft of embroidery has moved on from mere clothing to home décor as well. People like to indulge in ethnic dressing up of their homes.

In the recent years, home décor items have seen an increase in the embroidered linens. Hand embroidered bed sheets have never gone out of fashion. To create an ethnic look and feel for the bedroom, one chooses embroidered linens. Bed sheets, pillow covers, bedspreads, table runners, curtains, etc., all come in various embroidered patterns. One can easily decorate ones house with embroidered furnishings. The manner in which these home are kept, speak much about the taste of the host. With embroidery works one has to be careful about the kinds of colour palette to engage in. Mixing and mashing too many styles of embroidery could be a catastrophe. From wanting to decorate your interiors, you might end up actually spoiling the look making it too crowded and showing uneducated taste.

Moving on from bedroom to the drawing room, let’s jump to table linens. Tables are not only functional pieces but also things of beauty. Be it a corner table, centre table, or a dinning able, embroidered table linens come in all shapes and size. Adorn your tables with carefully picked, colour co-ordinated linens.
In table linens, embroidered napkins especially look really chic. It gives an impression of a carefully decorated home where everything is thought of, in terms of decoration, to the tee. If you make sure that even napkins are well thought of, you can be rest assured that your house will always create a lasting impression on your guests’ minds.

For the living room Divan or sofa set, embroidered cushion covers will go along with similar sofa back and they look very fine. A comfort-furniture that sofa is, it is also the first thing that your guests will use when they enter your house. They usually touch and feel the fabric because it is unavoidable to do so. A sofa set in embroidered covers makes it look cozy, yet classy. If the sofa on which your guests sit is comfy enough, then half the battle of making your guests comfortable has been won.

Ethnic look for home décor is very accessible these days, thanks to the big home stores selling these and the brands that are making them. It is a good business model that preserves and promotes the desi embroidery on such a large platform.The quality is ensured and the craftsmen get their due. Decorating your home in Indian embroidery speaks of more than just taste; it speaks of your appreciation of ethnic beauty of your own culture and your diversity in taste which living in India provides you with.

One Thought on “Chikankari Home Decor Items

  1. SUMIT KUMAR on May 15, 2016 at 2:45 pm said:

    Hello Sir/Mam,
    I am Sumit from Patna currently working in the Unites States. I am totally fascinated about the Chikan work you guys are doing and the way it is empowering the unit. My wife is from Lucknow and that has drawn me more closely to this wonderful art.

    I was wondering if I could help in spreading this art and stuffs your organization produce to this side of world. I wife is starting a business to sell Chikan apparels here and we were wondering if it will be useful for you and us if we could include some decor items from your organization also.

    Let me know and we can talk more about it.


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