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It is rightly said that India is a land of festivals. Very few can in the world boast of the kind of diversity that the country has an is proud of. Indians are known to be lovers of celebrations, and its diversity just gives them reasons enough to indulge in the festivities. Given that the various cultures, communities and religious identities share the same space, one cannot miss the extravaganza. No matter what season or the time of the day, if there is a reason to celebrate, Indians will jump out in their best attires to join in- be it Diwali, Id, Dushera, Holi, Rakshabandhan, etc. Ethnic dressing and Indian festivals go hand in hand. However much Indians wear western dresses on daily basis, they will always go back to traditional dresses for the festivities.

Indian festivals are never complete with the shopping for clothes. Entire family goes for a shopping binge when a festival is around the corner. Whatever the fashion of the day might be, hand embroidery clothes do not go out of fashion. India is a huge market and repository of such talent from across cultures and regions within the country. The range of these embroidery works that is found here is unparalleled. The ethnic wear section in any market, shopping mall stores or even small town shops will always have embroidered clothes among others.
Among the embroidered clothes by hand, Chikan work stands out and finds many takers.

For the ladies Chikan work ranks pretty high in the preference list. Because of the range that Chikan embroidery has, it makes it pretty accessible and versatile. The softness of the fabric as well of the thread itself gives it a rich touch and feel. Lucknow suits deserve a mention when talking about women’s wear. It is famous among women of all sections and comes in all price ranges. Suits are only second to saris and ever popular and in demand for Indian festivals. They are worn by women from all religions, and loved for the freedom it provides. It’s convenient and yet elegant at the same time.

In men’s kurtas few other threads carry the panache that Chikankari oozes with. Chikan kurta, especially in pastel colours will always take the cake. The lightness of the fabric gives it a royal look and feel. Men do not have to feel limited in their choices in ethnic wear, for within the traditional wear itself there is variety, which can be quite extensive. Men will forget about their complaints as they indulge in the fest of motifs, colours and patterns.

Chikan has one for everybody. Even kids do not get left out by Chikankari. Kids kurta pyjamas in Chikan embroidery are available for stitching in form of dress materials as well as readymade. The simplicity of the Chikankari only enhances the innocence of the little angels. Children love festivals and they like to dress up too. The easier the fabric, better it is for kids to be kids. Thanks to the Chikan embroidery, these attires are comfortable for kids and not heavy for them.

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